Meet the Staff

Rosie and Carl Zawatski, Director
Visitors and guests of the Shelter soon become friends with Rosie, Director Carl Zawatski’s long-time companion who is with him wherever he goes. The two are inseparable. If you ask about Rosie, the first thing Carl will tell you is, “Rosie saved my life.” Years ago, I pressed Carl for more information. The story I wrote – Rosie, a Tale of Redemption – is as close to the truth as it gets. If you need to know more, just ask Carl. I shared the story with my friend – singer, songwriter, actor, screenwriter, director and producer – Alistair McKenzie. Alistair was so moved that he recorded it and wrote a song to accompany it, an anthem to the homeless man called “Promised Land.” I invite you to enter the world of the homeless through the experience of St. Francis Shelter Director, Carl Zawatski. Follow the link in the picture to listen to the story or download it to read as a PDF.