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St. Francis Men’s Winter Shelter was the project of Franciscan Ministries for six winters.  Since 2015, it has been hosted by Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Tucson, Arizona.  We open our doors each year to men living on the street and share with them a meal, warmth, rest and hospitality. St. Francis Shelter is low-demand, which simply means that we welcome you as you are. We ask only that our guests are respectful of the space, our neighbors, shelter hosts, and fellow guests. From November through February, we can accommodate fifty or more men overnight, seven days per week, and that includes an evening meal and coffee in the morning.  We have sheltered up to 80 guests in a single night.  We thank you for your generous support to keep the shelter running year after year. The 3-month budget for the winter shelter is less than $25,000 total (or about $6 per guest, per night). With no dedicated funding source, we do humbly rely on our friends and partners in the community to continue to provide this essential service during cold winter months.

Helping People Help Themselves
The St. Francis Homeless Shelter is forged by the fires of homeless men reaching out to other homeless men with the message, “We can help each other.”

The St. Francis Shelter is located at

601 E. Fort Lowell
Tucson Arizona  85705


The men who manage the St. Francis Homeless Shelter in Tucson, Arizona know what it is to be homeless.  They manage the facility with the care and compassion that only direct experience on the street can nurture.  The St. Francis Shelter helps people to help themselves.

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PLEASE watch this excellent PBS video on the St. Francis Shelter from the winter of 2017.